The 2nd European Conference on Positive Psychology will be held in Warwick (United Kingdom) from april 1st – 3rd 2009. The first conference was excellent so we heartily recommend this one.

Abstract should be submitted until December 15th.
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Positive psychology
The scientific explorations of human strengths and happiness.
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Third European conference: Braga 2006.

Here you can download presentations of Croatian psychologists at Third European conference on positive psychology held in Bragua in 2006.

Approaches to happiness, life goals and well-being
Majda Rijavec, Ingrid Brdar i Dubravka Miljković
Download document // 620 KB

Age and gender differences in affect regulation strategies - representative sample of Croatia
Ljiljana Kaliterna Lipovčan i Zvjezdana Prizmić Larsen
Download document // 546 KB

What to do, and what not to do, to be happy and satisfied
Zvjezdana Prizmić Larsen, Ljiljana Kaliterna Lipovčan i Renata Franc
Download document // 223 KB

Life satisfaction and certain forms of adolescent activities
Lara Cakić, Silvija Mihaljević, Marina Perković
Download document // 798 KB

Some predictors of life satisfaction in older men and women in western Croatia
Marlena Plavšić i Neala Ambrosi - Randić
Download document // 421 KB

The Role of Trait Emotional Intelligence in Positive Outcomes in Life
Vladimir Takšić and Tamara Mohorić
Download document // 117 KB

13. annual conference of Croatian psychologists: Osijek 12. – 15. 10. 2005.

Presentations in the field of positive psychology (in Croatian)

Positive psychology in practice
Dubravka Miljković
Download PP document // 1,20 MB

Positive psychology program in secondary schools
Majda Rijavec
Download PP document // 458 KB

Fostering positive child development through emotional literacy
Radenka Munjas, Sandra Mihelčić, Vladimir Takšić
Download PP document // 146 KB

Program for elementary school children – Coping with stress
Sanja Bakarčić
Download PP document // 384 KB

Who are positive people?
Majda Rijavec
Download PP document // 588 KB

Who are happy students?
Ingrid Brdar, Majda Rijavec, Dubravka Miljković
Download PP document // 458 KB

"Secret" relationship between emotional intelligence and positive psychology
Vladimir Takšić, Tamara Mohorić
Download PP document // 267 KB

Joys of aging
Dubravka Miljković
Download PP document // 1,24 MB

Empathy in telephone counseling
Ljerka Hajncl
Download PP document // 92,5 KB

Book presentation
Publisher: IEP d.o.o.
Download PP document // 1,16 MB